How to Log Into a Skill Group as an Agent

This article is to help an agent log into their skill group after they have been properly licensed by an Admin. If an admin of Chronicall has not licensed the agent or assigned them to skill groups, please review this article:

How to Add an Agent to a Skill Group

The agent will need the Chronicall Desktop application installed on their PC. If the agent does not have a shortcut for Chronicall Desktop, it is likely it has not been installed. To install Chronicall Desktop on the PC, please review the article below and be prepared with the IP Address of the Chronicall server:

Chronicall Desktop Installation 

If the above two items have been addressed, the next step is logging into the dashboard. 

Select the Chronicall Desktop icon on the desktop:

Enter your user name as it appears in your phone system, followed by your extension in parentheses. Your default password is your extension. Press OK to log in.  
A Xima icon will appear in your taskbar. Right-click on it to open a list of features and options. 
Select "Presence" to view the following screen: 
In order to be fully enabled to take skill group calls, the agent will need to:
  • Select a "Voice" channel in the Multimedia Channel drop-down menu
  • Log into their phone extension
  • Disable DND if active
  • Toggle at least one skill to an "On" position
  • Toggle the "User Ready" switch to "On"




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