How to Add a New Agent to Skill Groups

If you are utilizing multimedia for Skill Based Routing or Queue Callbacks, you will need to follow the steps below to ensure new agents are properly configured to start helping the team.

Refresh Users and Groups:

After the user has been fully configured or recently updated in the phone system's directory, you need to update the directory in Chronicall. With an Admin or Manager user account of Chronicall, simply click on "Refresh Users and Groups" located in the User Management menu.

This action will update all agent names, extensions, and hunt groups within Chronicall


Apply Licenses to User(s)

In order for an agent to be added to skill groups, you will first need the agent to be properly licensed for Call Logging, Realtime, Dashboards, and Multimedia Voice. 

In order from top to bottom, as an Admin apply the licenses in System Settings:


*Be sure to save your changes 


Apply Agent to Skill Groups:

Next, you will need to add the agent to the skill groups. Select "Multimedia Skills" from Multimedia Configuration menu. Your newly licensed agent will be visible in the list of agents but, by default, will not be assigned to any groups. 

To add an agent to a skill group, you will need to enter a numeric value in the cell beneath the appropriate skill groups. The value can be between 1 and 10 and are tied to skill based, linear, or circular routing. Please note, if you intend to use Most Idle for routing you will still need to put a numeric value in the cell. Otherwise, the agent will not be in the group. 

Be sure to save your settings.


Enable Agents to Skill Groups

Although the agents are now assigned to a group, you may need to ensure they are enabled to the groups. Many customers choose to prevent agents from logging in and out of their skill groups by setting "Hide Skill Enabled"  to True in the Multimedia Voice settings menu. If your agents cannot see the toggle switches for skill groups in their presence tool and are getting an error that they "Must be logged into at least one skill group", you will likely need to manually enable them to skill groups in Agent Timeline or Group Timeline.  See this article for more details

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