Configure Chronicall to use 64-bit Java

Configuring Chronicall to use 64-bit Java may help it to run smoother, especially in environments with large numbers of agents or very high call volume. 64-bit Java will enable you to give the Chronicall engine or the Data Grid engine memory past the 1024mb limit. If you have 32-bit Java installed, but have not yet increased the memory to see if that helps, instructions on doing that can be found here.

The following steps should be completed to allow Chronicall to use 64-bit Java.

1. Download and save the Windows Offline (64 bit) Java from Once downloaded, run the installer to install 64-bit Java.

2. Once 64-bit Java is installed, update the Chronicall installation to our recommended version. The can access the download here. (Save the installer, do not select Run, you will need to run the same update twice).

3. Once updated, launch Chronicall and go to System Settings > Advanced Settings. In the "Java 64-bit Home" field enter the path to the 64-bit Java (ex. C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.x.x_xx) and click save. 

Note: If you only want to make the Data Grid run with 64 bit, enter the path to the 64-bit Java in "Data Grid Alternative Java Home". If you make Chronicall 64-bit by entering the path in the "Java 64-bit Home" field then the Data Grid will also run 64-bit automatically.

4. Run the downloaded update.exe one more time.

5. Once updated for the second time navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Xima Software\Chronicall\tomcat\bin and run chronicallw.exe as an Administrator. Click on the Java tab. Verify that The Java Virtual Machine field is set to use 64-bit Java (ex. C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.x.x_xx\bin\server\jvm.dll) and the "Use Default" is unchecked.

6. While in chronicallw.exe, the Maximum Memory Pool can now be increased to 2048MB (or what ever max is required). Apply changes and the click OK. If you increase the memory limit then you will need to restart the Chronicall service for the new memory limit to take effect.

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