Trunk Configuration


Chronicall can store data about trunks that can be used to improve logging and for historic reporting. Chronicall will often receive this information automatically but occasionally needs to be setup manually.

Avaya IP Office

In IP Office 9.0 and older, two settings need to be set within the IP Office Manager Security Settings: TFTP Configuration Read and TFTP Directory Read. TFTP Directory Read needs to be enabled to receive Agent and Group information while TFTP Configuration Read is required for trunk information. You can enable the TFTP Configuration Read and TFTP Directory Read option within IP Office Manager >  File > Advanced > Security Settings.

In IP Office 9.1 and later, the TFTP Configuration Read is no longer an option and we no can no longer pull trunk details automatically. We have therefore created an option to add the trunks manually within Chronicall's System Settings for each IP Office connection. Do this by going to System Settings > Server Edition (site 1) > IP Office Connections.

Select the PBX that you wish to manually add the trunks to.

Click the '...' on External Trunks.

Click Add to add a line for each SIP and PRI line. The lines do not need to be added in any specific order. Do not add any internal trunks such as a H323 line

Do this for each IP Office Connection. When complete, press OK until you are back at the System Settings and then press Save to save your changes. Once your settings are saved you will need to restart the Chronicall service for these changes to take effect.

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