Chronicall Integration with ShoreTel ECC



 ECC Group Best Practices


ECC has some advanced routing options, including services, auto-attendants, etc., that can cause problems for Chronicall's historical logging if they're not configured the right way. All ECC groups must have their own IRN extension. In order for Chronicall to see calls going to the ECC group, the call must be sent from ShoreTel directly to the IRN extension. If an auto-attendant has been set up for ECC, the call cannot be sent from that AA directly to the group or to the IRN. A common workaround is create an extension in ShoreTel than automatically forwards the call to the IRN, and transfer the call from the ECC auto-attendant to that ShoreTel extension.

If your auto-attendant is set up in the ShoreTel system, that auto-attendant can forward the call directly to the IRN.

Lastly, the user's extension within Shoretel Director must match the user's Agent ID within Shoretel Contact Center.

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