Mapping a USB device (VRTX) for a Virtual Machine


Xima Software always recommends a physical PC for VRTX due to its USB connectivity. Please note that Xima Support will not assist in mapping USB devices or setting up virtual instances. If a VRTX is put in a virtual environment, Xima may request it be placed on a physical machine. These instructions have been created for your convenience.


Step 1 Plug the VRTX device into the physical host where the virtual machine resides.

Step 2 Edit the Virtual Machine Settings > "Add Hardware" > USB Controller > Click Next

Step 3 - Select the Type of Controller > Click Next

Step 4 - Finish

Step 5 - Add Hardware > USB Device > Click Next

Step 6 - Select the VRTX device from the devices plugged into the physical host > Click Next

Step 7 - Finish


Hyper V

In order to map the USB to the appropriate virtual instance you will need to install a third party USB re-director. We have seen success with this software:

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