Contact Store and Recording Library

Contact Store and Recording Library
Both Contact Store and Chronicall's Recording Library move recordings from Voicemail Pro's Recording Library (VRL) directory to their own folders. Recording Library will generally handle newly created recordings before Contact Store is able to get to them. To have Recording Library leave a copy of the recordings behind for Contact Store, open the Recording Library section in System Settings and set Clean VRL Recordings to False.
Possible Issues
  • Recording Library might not always get to the recordings first. If Contact Store is taking the recordings before Recording Library can get to them, Chronicall will be unable to catalog them.
  • Duplicate files take up more hard drive space on the server. Recording Library compresses the .wav files it takes from VRL into much smaller .spx files. If it leaves a second copy of the original .wav files behind for Contact Store, the server will need to store both versions.
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