SMTP Setup

***The best resource for what SMTP relay should be used, and the credentials that belong to it, will be your own IT department.***

When SMTP settings are left blank, Chronicall uses its own secure internal SMTP client to send reports and recordings via email.  However, some users may find it necessary or advantageous to use a third-party email server due to their mail server's spam filters that only allow email from trusted sources.

Below are some examples for using a third party SMTP relay.

  • Report Email Address:
  • SMTP Encryption: SSL
  • SMTP Host:
  • SMTP Port: 465
  • SMTP Username:
  • SMTP Password: your_password

The Gmail account may need to be configured to allow smtp emails to be sent as Gmail has added additional security features to it's email accounts to prevent other apps from accessing it. To disable this so that Chronicall can connect, login to your gmail account and go to The option to allow "Access for less secure apps" should be set to Turn On.

Outlook, Hotmail, or Live
  • Report Email Address:
  • SMTP Encryption: TLS
  • SMTP Host:
  • SMTP Port: 587
  • SMTP Username:
  • SMTP Password: your_password
  • You will want to have your local email administrator fill in the settings for Chronicall as every server will be configured and managed differently.
Note: Microsoft Exchange does not like the way that Chronicall's test email button works. Instead try using settings that are known to work else where and then schedule a report to run and be emailed.  If that email comes through then you have the SMTP settings correct.
Using Telnet to Send a Test Email
To send a test email from the Chronicall server using your SMTP server, you can use the Windows Telnet client. Windows XP and Server 2003 have the Telnet client enabled by default. To enable it in Windows Vista, 7, and Server 2008, open Programs in your Control Panel and select the Turn Windows features on or off option in the left sidebar. Find and check the Telnet client box, then click OK.
Open a command prompt and establish a connection from the Chronicall server to the mail server. You can do this by typing telnet mail.domain.ext 25, inserting your own mail server and domain. After a moment, you should receive a message that says you are connected to the server. Now, declare where you are sending the email from by entering HELO Type carefully; while backspace will allow you to visually reverse typing mistakes, the Telnet client may not take those corrections into account and you will need to enter the command again.
If your SMTP server uses SSL authentication, you will need to enter AUTH LOGIN here. This will show you a string of Base 64 code requesting login information. Enter the requested information in Base 64 code in order to proceed. If your server does not use SSL authentication, you can skip this step.
Next, specify the email address you are sending mail from by typing MAIL FROM: Do the same thing for the recipient with RCPT TO:
To begin composing an email, enter DATA. Enter a subject by typing Subject: Subject Text Here. Each line you enter after that will be a new line in the email. When you are finished, enter a single period . by itself on a line. This finishes and sends the email. If it arrives in the specified recipient's inbox, the test was successful and Chronicall should be able to send emails using the server. Be sure to enter the SMTP server information in the Basic Settings section of Chronicall's System Settings. 
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