Regular Expressions

Many filter criteria options throughout Chronicall can accept regular expressions. Regular expressions are sets of instructions that tell Chronicall to look for certain patterns in text or phone numbers.
This regular expression looks for the number 9, followed by one more digit. It can be any digit from 0 to 9, which is specified in the square brackets. This expression would accept the number 91, but it would not accept the number 39, because it doesn't start with 9. If this expression finds the number 3914, it will match the 91 in the middle, but because the expression doesn't match the entire number, Chronicall won't allow it through the filter.
This expression is similar to the previous example, but this time, the 6 in curly brackets tells the expression to repeat the preceding instruction 6 times. Because the instruction before it was [0-9], it will look for a 9 followed by any 6 numbers. This expression would accept any standard 7-digit phone number that begins with 9.
This range includes two numbers separated by a comma. {7,10} will look for numbers that are 7, 8, 9, or 10 digits in length. This pattern will accept all phone numbers except those that are fewer than 7 or more than 10 digits in length.
This expression contains a set of two numbers in parentheses, separated by a vertical bar. This means the expression will look for either of those two numbers. This expression will accept any number that begins with 888 or 866, followed by 7 more digits.
This expression contains ?!, which tells the filter to specifically exclude numbers that have the following pattern. In this case, the expression would match numbers that start with 9, arenot immediately followed by 888, 866, or 877, and contain 10 more digits.
Letters are also acceptable in regular expressions. For example, the expression AB{1,3} would accept the text AB, ABAB, or ABABAB. An asterisk * will accept any letter, digit, or special character.
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