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Dashboards includes flexible API tools that allow advanced users to set up automatic tasks that correspond to certain pop-up windows or other events. Using these tools, it is possible to open a web browser and navigate to a particular web page, or send caller information to customer relationship management software, such as SalesForce. This allows you to view almost any type of data about a caller before you answer the phone.
It is important to note that Chronicall itself does not inherently enable direct communication with a CRM or other software. Using the Dashboard API, Chronicall sends out specified information in the form of a URL or data packet. It is your responsibility to create or find the software or plug-ins necessary to retrieve this data and make use of it.
To set up this function, open Chronicall's system settings, expand the Dashboards section, and open Dashboard API's. 
The tabs across the top of this window represent various actions that can trigger an automatic task. For example, tasks scheduled in the first tab, "onPresent," will run when the call is presented to a user.
To add a new task, select Add. Next, choose the type of target from the drop-down list on the right. These options include TCP sockets,  http connections, and more. To simply open a web browser to a particular web page, choose HTTP Get. In the Path field, enter the URL of the website you want to open.
In the Parameters section below, you can specify certain variables to pass along as the browser window is opened. Click Add Parameter to create a new one. In the Value drop-down list, choose a value type. This value will be passed into the URL as a Get parameter.
For example, if your website target is, you could pass along the caller ID as a parameter called "name." This means that whenever a call comes in, a web browser will automatically open to, followed by the name parameter. The full URL would end up looking like this:
To test your scheduled task, press the Test button in the bottom left corner. Be sure to press OK and Save when you're finished.
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