Configuring Dashboard API screen pops with Salesforce

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the concept of how Chronicall's Dashboard API can be configured to send data to Salesforce. Chronicall customers may want to pop a Salesforce page when a customer with a known phone number calls. This article will demonstrate one way to configure the Chronicall API to pop a Salesforce page on an inbound call. All agents receiving the calls must have Chronicall Dashboard licenses and Agent Dashboards running for this integration to work.

There are two general steps in completing this configuration.

1) Create a visual force page in Salesforce

2) Configuring the Chronicall API to Send the Data


Create a Visual Force Page to Receive and Process Data From Chronicall

In this example we are simply going to send the External Number from the Dashboard API to a Salesforce page that will search Salesforce for the phone number. Note that the External Number will be sent exactly as shown in Chronicall. To search Salesforce we need to remove the 91 that prepends the phone number we want to search. Below is the code for the visual force page. This page receives the parameter phoneNumber and cuts it to 10 digits. Then forwards to the search page, popping results for the phone number.

Page Name: XIMA         URL:

<apex:page >
    window.setTimeout(function() {
        var phoneNumber = "{!RIGHT($CurrentPage.parameters.phoneNumber,10)}";
        window.location.href = ""+phoneNumber;
    }, 0);
   <apex:pageBlock title="POP from Chronicall Desktop!">

Configuring the Chronicall API

Navigate to Admin > System Settings > Dashboard Settings > Dashboard API's

Click on the "onPresent" tab and then click "Add"

Select "Http Get (system browser" from the dropdown list.

Enter the URL of the visual force page.

Add a parameter and call it "phoneNumber" then select External Number from the Value dropdown.

Select the users for whom the API should trigger for.



When a call is presented to a selected user the dashboard API will send the External Number as the parameter phoneNumber to the designated URL. Our salesforce page is programed to capture this parameter and search for this phone number, displaying a list of results.


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