Dashboard API to Push a Link to a Recording

Configuring the Chronicall API

1. Navigate to Admin > System Settings > Dashboard Settings > Dashboard API's

2. Choose when you would like the API to send the data.

3. Select "Push External Listen Link to Third Party" in the drop down.

4. Enter the target URL you want to send the data to.

5. Select the users you want the API to trigger for.




Note: The 3rd Party Application will need to be configured to receive and handle the data posted to the URL.

When "Push External Listen Link to Third Party" is selected, the system will post the following information.

  • externallistenlink - system generated URL
  • callid - the Chronicall Call ID
  • agent - the agent involved in the call
  • callDirection - inbound or outbound
  • externalNumber - the phone number dialed for an outbound call or the phone number calling for an inbound call
  • group - the name of the group if applicable
  • time - the time the call started
  • tag - any tags associated to the call if applicable
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