Multimedia Skill Queue Announcements

Announcements within Multimedia skills can be customized to your liking. To adjust the queue announcements go to Multimedia Skills, expand the skill options in question, and expand Queue Announcements.


You will be presented with the Queue Message Configuration graphic. If you hover your mouse over the blue bar you will see a faded pin drop appear. To add a new announcement, place your mouse over the time when you'd like the announcement played and click (don't stress about selecting the exact second as the time can be adjusted once you click).


You will now be presented with the queue announcement options. They are defined below:

  • Start Time: This is when the announcement will first be played.
  • Repeat Interval: This is how much time will elapse before the message plays again.
  • Repeat Limit: This is how many times the message will play.
  • Sound: This is where you select the announcement you wish to have played. For more details on how to create customized sounds, check out this article.

In the example below, I created an announcement that will play the callers position in queue at 1:00 minute, and then again every 50 seconds until it's played 3 more times.


After I press OK, notice that the graphic has updated to display the defined behavior. To adjust the announcement, click on the starting pin drop and the queue announcement options will appear again. You can even edit the final pin drop on the green bar to have an announcement play right before the call is routed to an agent.


You can add as many pin drops as you wish. Additional announcements can be distinguished by their colors. Note that if two pin drops are setup to play right after the other, the first announcement will play and then be immediately followed by the second announcement. If you wish to remove all the current settings and start from scratch, press the Reset button in the bottom right corner. 


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