Add an Agent Image to Realtime Features

If you have Realtime Agent Seat licenses, you have likely noticed the timelines, wallboards, and dashboard tools may display a blank avatar next to an agent's name:


This image can be changed by following these steps:


Open Agent Timeline found in the Realtime Displays menu

Right-Click on the blank or existing avatar image and select Change User Image

*If you do not see an agent in the Agent Timeline, please ensure they are selected using the display filter marked in red in the above image. If they are not in the filter list, the agent has not been assigned a Realtime Agent Seat license. 

Select Open and then select an image file from your directory for the agent:

You may choose to delete the background of the image to allow agent state status colors to show around agent's image using the erase tools. 



Click OK


Agent image will automatically be applied to any wallboards or other tools that display agent status. 





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