Realtime Wallboard Templates

Chronicall version 3.8 and later introduces new Realtime templates that will be hosted in the cloud.  These pre-created templates make it easier setup a nice looking, effective wallboard.

When creating a new wallboard it will automatically bring you to the template page with options of all templates currently available.


Upon selecting your desired template it will then prompt you for the specific Agent or Agents you want it to represent. Hovering over the widget to the right of the Agents field will highlight the section in the preview below.

After defining the values for the template and selecting "OK" you can proceed to add and remove widgets from the new wallboard as needed.

If you have created a wallboard that you wish to save as a template you will have the option to export and import them:


To do this you need only right click on your wallboard tabs located at the bottom of your Realtime Stats. From this menu you can import one you have saved to a file or export one you have created so you can keep it for the future or provide it to others. One final thing to note about exporting and importing is that it works just the same as selecting a template it will keep the widgets and the values they define but will require you to add the specific party as that information will not carry over.

For an explanation of the Widgets see Creating Widgets

For an explanation of the Realtime Wallboard see Realtime Stats

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