Scoring Scorecard Campaigns

Access The Campaign

You can access Scorecard Campaigns from the main menu by expanding Recording and then selecting "Score Recordings".

Once you are in the Scorecard Campaign interface, select the Campaign that you would like to begin reviewing and select "Score". If you have not yet created a campaign, see instructions on how to do so here.

Scorecard Survey

The Campaign you've selected will be displayed at the top of the survey. You can quickly switch between surveys by clicking the drop down and selecting a different survey. Underneath the Campaign name are the start, stop, and pause controls for the recording. Along the left will be calls that are waiting to be scored. Along the right are the questions for the currently selected call. When you are done answering questions, select "Submit Survey". If you would like to score multiple recordings in one sitting, check the "Score Next" option prior to submitting a survey.

Editing Previous Scored Calls

To re-score calls that have already been reviewed, select the campaign and click "Edit Scored Surveys".

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