Recording Library Setup for VRTX


The Recording Library solution allows Chronicall to utilize a VRTX to record calls and then organize the recordings within Cradle to Grave. Chronicall does this by monitoring the network traffic on a trunk that the VRTX is monitoring and using the recording metadata to match it to a call within Chronicall’s database. This article will guide you on how the VRTX and Chronicall software should be setup.

Step 1) Plug in the VRTX hardware

The VRTX needs to intercept the network traffic passing between your D-Marc and the PBX. An easy way to do this is to unplug the trunk cable from the PBX, plug it into the VRTX, then replug the other end of the VRTX back into the PBX. The USB then needs to be plugged into the server that will have the Recording Library software installed on it. 

The diagrams below shows an example for a PRI line.

Step 2) Install the VRTX Driver

Download the VRTX Driver from our Downloads page here. Once downloaded, run the installer and follow the installation wizard. This should only take a minute or two. Once the installer is complete, open up Device Manager and confirm that the VRTX shows up in the USB section.

Step 3) Install the Recording Library

Scenario A: Chronicall and the Recording Library will share the same server.

If Chronicall and the Recording Library will share the same server then the recording library may already have been installed. You can verify this by opening the server’s local services and verifying that the Chronicall Recording Library service exists. If the Chronicall Recording Library service is not on the server then you can install it by downloading and running a Chronicall Update (not the Recording Library setup) and if prompted whether to install the Recording Library on this machine select "Yes."

Scenario B: Chronicall and the Recording Library will not share the same server.

It is possible to install Recording Library on a server where Chronicall is not installed. This requires a separate setup file, called Recording Library Setup, to be installed on the other server. The setup file is available from the Chronicall downloads page. During the install, be sure to enter the Chronicall IP Address and change the other settings if necessary.

Step 4) Configure the Recording Library

Once Recording Library is installed, open Chronicall and go into System Settings > Recording Libraries > Recording Libraries "..." button.

Click Add (one may have already been created by default that can be edited).

Select the Recording Library Type that applies, either "Xima VRTX Only" or "VM Pro or VRTX".

Edit the following fields

  • Recording Library IP Address: Enter the IP Address of the server where the Recording Library was installed.
  • Chronicall Server Address: Enter the IP Address of the server where Chronicall was installed.
  • Recording Storage Location: (optional) Configure where the Recordings will be stored. This defaults to be in the Recording Library directory. For more information on Storage Pools, see this article. Note: If your hard drive is not very large then you should configure a storage pool that stores recordings onto another drive or another server.

Save the Recording Library and System Settings when complete. 

Step 5) Configure the Trunk

Now we need to tell Chronicall what trunk the VRTX is plugged into. Do this by going into System Settings >Recording Libraries > VRTX Configuration "..." button.

Find the trunk that the VRTX is plugged into, select it and press Edit (read this article if the trunk does not appear). 

Update the Trunk Configuration page to have the correct information. A description of each field is below.

  • Trunk Title: Used to rename the trunk.
  • Device ID: Select the PBX that manages the specified trunk.
  • Line ID: This number should match the trunk number.
  • Channel Range: This specifies the channel range on the trunk. You can press "Detect" to determine what the range should be. 
  • VRTX Serial: This is where you enter the serial number on the VRTX. Often you can click in the field and the VRTX Serial will appear as an option.

Once completed, press OK, Save the Trunk Configuration, and Save the System Settings.

Step 6) Create a Recording Rule

Our final step is to create a recording rule that will determine which calls should be recorded. To access the recording rules, go to System Settings >Recording Libraries > Recording Rules "..." button.

Click "Add" to create a new recording rule

Here you will create a new Recording Rule. Select the Recording Rule Template on the left and then fill in the options on the right. See this article for more information on Recording Rules and below for an example.

Once completed, press OK to save the new rule, OK to save the collection of rules, and then Save the System Settings.

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