Recording Library Setup for Shoretel


The Recording Library solution allows Chronicall to utilize a Route Point to record calls and then organize the recordings within Cradle to Grave. Chronicall does this by signalling to the Route Point to record calls when a certain condition is met and using the recording metadata to match it to a call within Chronicall’s database. This article will guide you on how the Shoretel and Chronicall software should be setup.

Step 1) Configure a Shoretel Route Point for Call Recording

Configuring call recording on ShoreTel systems requires setting up a new route point with the ShoreWare Director software. To do this, first open ShoreWare Director and select Call Control, then Route Points in the list to the left. This will open a list of your current route points. From here you can create a new route point. The following fields need to be defined.

  • Extension: Enter an extension for the route point. This can be any free extension, and will need to be referenced later within Chronicall.
  • Route Point Server: Choose the name of the server where Chronicall is installed, whether it's Headquarters or one of the application servers.
  • Call Stack Depth: Enter the number of calls you would like to be able to record simultaneously. Please note that there are 250 audio resources that are shared between all auto attendants, voicemail boxes, and route points, including this one. If more than 250 total resources are assigned, your voicemail system or auto attendants might be affected.
  • Call Forwarding: Select Never.

Once configured, finish by saving the route point.

Step 2) Install the Recording Library

The Recording Library is typically installed during the initial Chronicall installation. If Chronicall has already been installed then the Recording Library may also already be installed. You can verify this by opening the server’s local services and verifying that the Chronicall Recording Library service exists. If the Chronicall Recording Library service is not on the server then you can install it by downloading and running a Chronicall Update (not the Recording Library setup).

Step 3) Configure the Recording Library

Once Recording Library is installed, open Chronicall and go into System Settings > Recording Libraries > Recording Libraries "..." button.

Click Add (one may have already been created by default that can be edited).

Select the "ShoreTel System or VRTX" Recording Library Type.

Edit the following fields:

  • Recording Route Point: Enter the extension you chose for the route point.
  • Recording Storage Location: (optional) Configure where the Recordings will be stored. This defaults to be in the Recording Library directory. For more information on Storage Pools, see this article. Note: If your hard drive is not very large then you should configure a storage pool that stores recordings onto another drive or another server.

Save the Recording Library and System Settings when complete.

Step 4) Create a Recording Rule

Our final step is to create a recording rule that will determine which calls should be recorded. To access the recording rules, go to System Settings >Recording Libraries > Recording Rules "..." button.

Click "Add" to create a new recording rule.

Here you will create a new Recording Rule. Select the Recording Rule Template on the left and then fill in the options on the right. See this article for more information on Recording Rules and below for an example.

Once completed, press OK to save the new rule, OK to save the collection of rules, and then Save the System Settings.

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