In Chronicall version 3.8.1 Xima software introduced Roles, a logical grouping of Agents within Chronicall. You can view roles similar to the ways you view Groups, but it's not the same thing. Groups are pulled from your phone system, Roles are created in Chronicall from the Agents you assign.

Roles were created to make updating a frequently used Grouping of Agents easier. For example: If you hire a new Agents for your sales team, instead of updating all your Scheduled Reports, Dashboards and Realtime widgets you would simply need to update your sales Role by adding the new Agent. 

You can create or edit a Role by opening an Agent selection box anywhere in Chronicall, selecting the Roles tab, and clicking Edit Roles.

To create a new Role select "Create Role" at the bottom of the page, then give it a name. Your new Role will now appear in the right column. You can then select Agents in the left column and assign them to the Roles you want by clicking the check boxes or you can click on the role directly and select your agents that way.

Once you have created your Roles and assigned agents to them they will show up under the Agent selection tab throughout Chronicall. If you change the Role at a later date, these changes will reflect in any area where that Role was in use.

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