Calls by Caller ID

This report allows you to specify search criteria to find caller IDs in your call database. Each matching caller ID will be listed in its own section, with the associated calls contained underneath. You can search for specific caller IDs by entering the entire name, or simply find all caller IDs that contain a particular word or letter.
  • Caller ID
Sub Sections:
  • Caller ID
Row Type:
  • Call
Row Filters:
  • Call Direction: Inbound
  • Caller ID: Assigned to Caller ID
  • External Party
  • Internal Party
  • Initial Huntgroup
  • Receiving Agent
  • Answered
    • Call Direction: Inbound
  • Time to Answer
    • Calculation: Minimum
  • Talking Duration
  • Start Time
  • Call Duration
  • Total Calls (Row Count)
  • Total Talking Duration
  • Avg Talking Duration
  • Total Call Duration
  • Answered Calls
  • Percent Answered
  • Avg Call Duration
  • Max Call Duration
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