Calls by Call Direction

This report contains multiple sections based on the call directions you choose. Each section lists the calls of a certain call direction and general information about them. Each section also contains summaries that show total or average stats among all of the calls in that section.
If there is a call you want to know more about, you can copy the Call ID in the left hand column, open Cradle to Grave for the same time period, and search for that Call ID. This will show you the specific events that took place during that call.
  • Call Direction
  • Agent
  • Hunt Group
Sub Sections:
  • Call Direction
Row Type:
  • Call
Row Filters:
  • Agent: Assigned to Agent
  • Call Direction: Assigned to Call Direction
  • Hunt Group: Assigned to Hunt Group
  • Internal Party
  • External Party
  • Initial Agent
  • Total Talking Duration
  • Start Time
  • Call Duration
  • Total Calls (Row Count)
  • Distinct External Parties
  • Total Talking Duration
  • Avg Total Talking Duration
  • Total Call Duration
  • Avg Call Duration
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