Group Presented Calls

The Group Presented Calls report is a list of all calls that were directed to the Hunt Group specified. This definition defers slightly from normal 'Presented Calls' in that it does not require a Ringing event to be counted as a Presented Call.  This is due to the generally larger number of calls that go through a Hunt Group's queue without ever ringing an available agent.  

The purpose of this report is to give you a detailed list of all calls where a Customer intended and/or connected with a targeted Hunt Group. 


This report provides information such as:

External Party

Number of the party calling into the Hunt Group

Caller ID

Identification provided by the Service Provider

Receiving Agent  

Agent who Talked on the Call

Agent Speed of Answer

Time it took for an Agent answered after they were Presented the call with a Ringing event

Group Speed of Answer

Time it took for the Group to Answer the call after the call arrived to the Group


Indicates if there was a Talking Event on the call

Talking Duration

Duration of the Talking Event While the Call was in the Hunt Group

Account Code

If any Account Codes belong to this call

Start Time

Start Time of the Call regardless if the call began in the Group or not

Call Duration

Duration of the entire call, regardless if it was in the Group or not

Final Event

Final Event of the Call


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