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Can I report on Agents using the Avaya Communicator softphone?

Yes, Chronicall can collect call data such Ringing, Talking, Hold, etc. from Agent's using softphones.

Can I get Realtime information on Agents using the Avaya Communicator softphone?

As of version 3.6.51, yes, but with a few quirks. When Chronicall initializes it sends a request to the IP Office to discover each Agent's current state. This request doesn't receive sufficient details from softphone users and will show them as logged out. However, once the Agent's state changes, Chronicall will see that event and update Realtime accordingly.

The most common example of this is when the Chronicall service is started while the Agents using softphones are already logged into their extension. Realtime will display these users as logged out of the extension. In order to properly show them as logged in, the Agent needs to log out of the extension and then log back in.

Should I setup my Agents a specific way?

The way the IP Office is set up can make a difference in the details you receive.

  • If a User in the IP Office also has it's own H323 Extension: Realtime will display which Groups the Agent is logged into once they log into the extension through communicator or a physical phone.
    • You may also need to check "Enable Communicator" on the User Profile.
    • You may need to setup a short code on the IP Office to toggle DND usage. The Communicator would then dial that short code to go on DND.
  • If a User does not have a H323 Extension: Realtime will not display which Groups the Agent is logged into. Agents configured in this way will need to use a huntgroup enable and huntgroup disable short code to toggle the current group login status (even if they are already logged into the groups). This will send an event that Chronicall will see and update the Realtime accordingly.
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