Configure Cisco Unified Application user

An Application User must be created and configured inside of the Cisco Unified CM Administration tool to allow Chronicall to connect to the system. Chronicall also requires user access to the administrative XML (AXL) API to query for users, groups, voice-mail information, call park timeouts, and to automatically configure devices to be monitored (if requested within Chronicall). To create an application user:

  1. Sign in as an with administrator rights to Cisco Unified CM Administration.
  2. Select User Management > Application User.
  3. Select Add New
  4. Enter a User ID and Password for Chronicall to use in the Application User Information.
  5. In the Permissions Information section click the Add to User Group button.
  6. Then click Find and select the following groups: Standard CCM Read Only, Standard CCM Super Users, Standard CTI Allow Call Monitoring, Standard CTI Allow Call Park Monitoring, Standard CTI Allow Call Recording, and Standard CTI Enabled. Then click the Add Selected button.
  7. Click Save.  The User should now look like the image below


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