Port Mirror Setup



Please note that Xima Support will not setup or manage your network switch.

Step 1 - Provision a port on your network switch to have all SIP network data mirrored to it. (mirror the SIP line going to the IP Office)

Step 2 - The server will need a secondary NIC to be connected to that port with an Ethernet cable.

Step 3 - This secondary NIC needs an IP address, statically set, with data from the mirrored port flowing to it.

Step 4 - In the Recording Library Configuration, set the Port Mirror NIC Address to have the IP Address of this secondary NIC (see screenshot). Save the changes.

Step 5 - Restart the Chronicall services.

Step 6 - Assign the port mirror to the appropriate trunk.




If on version 3.8.2 and you are receiving an error message that says "Data Stopped Verify Connection" and have not seen anything in the live folder. Check the jpcap.dll file in the recording library directory. It should be a 84KB file. If not, you would need to get the correct file for port mirroring from Xima Support.

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