List of Standard Reports (CDR)

Standard Reports (CDR)

Users that are logging CDR data from an Avaya CM PBX into Chronicall will be able to report on that data using the CDR reports listed below. 

*Please note that you will need to set the Data Source to CDR*

CDR Reports by Tag:

Agent and Station Reports:
Station and Agent Calls Report
Station and Agent Call Volume
Station and Agent Inbound Calls
Station and Agent Inbound Summary
Station and Agent Outbound Calls
Station and Agent Talking Summary
Account Code:
Calls by Account Code Report
System Account Code Summary
Call Direction:
Call Direction Summary Report
Calls by Call Direction Report
External Number:
911 Calls Report
External Number Summary Report
Inbound Calls by External Number
Outbound Calls by External Party
List of Calls:
Call Details Report
Inbound Abandoned Calls
Time Interval:
System Inbound Call Performance
System Inbound Call Summary
System Outbound Call Summary
Trunk Report:
Trunk Usage by Time Report
Trunk Usage Summary Report
Inbound Calls by VDN
VDN Inbound Summary
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