Event Sequence Calls by Agent

This report allows you to find calls by specifying a particular event sequence. For example, by entering a Talking event followed by a Hold event, you would be able to find calls that were answered and then placed on hold at some point afterward. See Event Sequence Editor on our support site for more information about using this filter.
Each agent you choose to run this report for will be given their own section containing the calls that match the sequence criteria. The report columns list general information about each call, including the internal and external parties involved, the first agent and hunt group to participate in the call, and the call's start time and total duration.
  • Agent
  • Event Sequence
Sub Sections:
  • Agent
Row Type:
  • Call
Row Filters:
  • Agent: Assigned to Agent
  • Event Sequence Matches: Assigned to Event Sequence
  • Call Direction
  • Internal Party
  • External Party
  • Initial Agent
  • Initial Huntgroup
  • Talking Duration
  • Start Time
  • Call Duration
  • Total Calls (Row Count)
  • Total Call Duration
  • Inbound Calls
  • Outbound Calls
  • Percent Inbound
  • Percent Outbound
  • Total Talking Duration
  • Avg Talking Duration
  • Avg Call Duration
  • Max Call Duration
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