Verifying Data Using Cradle to Grave

Chronicall has a unique advantage over other software by allowing users to verify Report Data in Cradle to Grave.  Whenever a customer asks our support agents if the numbers are correct the first thing they will do is run the report in question and then create an identical filter in Cradle to Grave to make sure they match. 


Below is an example of the Group Summary Report.  This report is telling us that there were 11 calls 'Presented' and 7 calls 'Answered' by the 'Tech Support' Group.




Many of the report headers definitions can be found by editing the report and reading the description of the column.  Presented Calls for example means any call that was 'Presented' or offered to the group selected.  Answered Calls means any call to that group that had a talking event credited to that group. 


In the example below we have ran the Cradle to Grave filter to show all Inbound calls to the TECH SUPPORT group.  You will notice from the image example that there were 11 Total Calls which matches the report. (The Total is in the upper left hand corner of Cradle to Grave)


Presented Calls 

Filter Options -

Time Frame = Fri Aug 15 13:00 - Fri Aug 15 23:59

Call Direction = Inbound




We can now determine how many of those calls were answered by adding an additional item to our Cradle to Grave Filter.  If a call was Answered then it must contain a Talking event.  By adding the Event Type = Talking to our filter you will notice that we get 7.  This matches our Report that we ran at the beginning. 








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