Configuration Tips (Shoretel)

Route Point Configuration

The Route Point Configuration is unique to the Shoretel system. When Chronicall queries the Shoretel configuration it will auto populate the Route Point Configuration fields, labeling each route point respective to the data we receive. However, occasionally this initial setup needs to be changed to more accurately describe the route point or even hide insignificant details.

Access the Route Point Configuration by going to System Settings and expanding the Shoretel Site configuration. Click on the ellipsis to expand the settings.


The Route Points are organized into a table with 3 columns.

  • The first column lists the Extensions. These are not editable.
  • The second column lists the Description Names. These can be changed within Chronicall if desired.
  • The third column lists the Event Type. These can be changed to more accurately reflect what the route point is doing. If you have a 3rd party solution that is using a route point (such as a recording solution), you can set that route point to be "Insignificant" so it doesn't create duplicate events inside of a call.

ECC Groups

ECC Groups are configured within the Route Point Configuration table. To configure a ECC Group, ensure that the group name matches that from within Shoretel's ECC, followed by "ECC". For example, a group named "Tech Support" in Shoretel's ECC should be named "Tech Support ECC" within Chronicall. Then set the Event Type to ECC Group.

For more information on ECC, you can find the installation guide here.

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