Listening to Recordings in Cradle to Grave

Once installed and configured, Recording Library will automatically catalog conversations recorded with Voicemail Pro and make them available for easy playback in Cradle to Grave. 
As you install Chronicall, the setup file will automatically look for Voicemail Pro on the server. If it finds Voicemail Pro and you have a Recording Library module license, it will install Recording Library as well. This configuration is highly recommended, but it is possible to install Recording Library on a separate Voicemail Pro server. This requires a separate setup file available from the downloads page.
Once Chronicall is installed, go into System Settings and expand the Recording Library section. In the Voicemail Pro IP Address field, enter the IP address of the server where Recording Library is installed. If this is the same server, you can simply enter "localhost". You may also need to check the VRL Directory field and make sure that the folder where Voicemail Pro stores recordings is entered correctly here.
If you purchase a Recording Library license after installing Chronicall for the first time, you will either need to run the Recording Library setup file on the Voicemail Pro server, or run a Chronicall update to add Recording Library to your Chronicall server.
For more detailed information on setting up and running Recording Library on remote Windows or Linux servers, including the Avaya C110 module or IP Office Server Edition, see Advanced Recording Library Installation.
How it Works
When a call is recorded, it places a .wav audio file in the Voice Recording Library (or VRL) directory on the Voicemail Pro server. Recording Library automatically picks up these files, converts them into a much more efficient .spx format, and catalogs them in a place where Chronicall can find them. When a file is finished processing, it appears in Chronicall's Cradle to Grave viewer attached to the appropriate call. This process usually takes a matter of seconds.
Playing Your Recordings
To access a recording, look for a Play  button in the Recording column in Cradle to Grave view. Click on the icon to begin playback. A simple media bar will open at the bottom of the window, allowing you to play, pause, or stop the recording. You can also click and drag on the playback bar to skip to any position.
Download and Email
To download or send a recording in an email, click the arrow in the top left corner of the audio player and select an option from the list that appears. You can download or send recordings in .wav or .spx format. When entering email addresses, separate each address with a comma.
To download or export multiple recordings in .spx format, you will need to navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Xima Software\Chronicall\recording library. If you have Chronicall version 3.2(96) or below, the folder will be named CRL instead. When Recording Library catalogs a recording, it gives the file a number and stores it in a numerical folder in the recording library. When it records a thousand calls, it begins saving new recordings in a new folder. If there are any recordings available, you will find them in these numbered folders. 
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