Scheduled Reports are Missing/ have Disappeared

Scheduled Reports are Missing


From time to time scheduled reports can seem to disappear from “Report Scheduling” within Chronicall.




If when going into “Report Scheduling”, you find that this is blank, it's likely a corrupt schedule file. You'll need to remove this file in order for your schedules to reappear in this section.


By default you can find the schedules here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Xima Software\Chronicall\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\resources\schedules


Once the schedules are located, you'll need to select all (ctrl+A) and cut (ctrl+X) to remove them from this folder and paste them (ctrl+V) to another location. I'd recommend the Desktop for easy access.


Once these are removed, you'll need to insert one schedule at a time back into this folder. Each time you insert one of these schedules back into the folder be sure to check “Report Scheduling” within Chronicall to be sure that it's there. (See Screenshot below)



Do this for each individual schedule until all of the schedules disappear once again. (Be sure to click “cancel” each time you insert a new schedule before you get back into “Report Scheduling”) When the schedules disappear from Chronicall you have found your corrupt file. Be sure to remove and delete this schedule, make note of the title, and recreate this schedule from scratch.

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