Upgrade Reports

For Chronicall Version 3.6(50) and later custom reports that were built on the reporting 2.0 engine can be upgraded to the new reporting 3.0 engine. Upgraded reports, as well as reports built in the new reporting engine, will see faster execution times. We will go over how to upgrade an existing custom report to the new reporting 3.0 engine. 
Please note that the old reports will still be present on your system, with the original titles; The new reports are all titled as "upgraded" followed by the original title. Please make sure that you run the "upgraded" report for optimal results. If you wish you can delete the old reports and rename the upgraded ones at your convenience. 
To upgrade an old report follow these instructions: 
  1. Right click on the report and select "Upgrade Report".     
  2. Go to the Chronicall home page, and select "Run/Edit Report".
  3. Search for the new report, it will be titled "Upgraded [Report Name]". 
Keep in mind that the original report will remain on the system, in order to differentiate between the new reports and the old ones you can look at the report icon. 


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