Configuration Tips (Avaya CM)

Configuring SIP Devices On Avaya CM

  • The 96XX station must be provisioned as a 9600SIP station with Communication Manager Release 5.1 and later (4620SIP is used with Communication Manager Release 5.0).
  • The 16CC Agent Deskphone must be provisioned as a 4620SIPCC station or 16CC depending on the Communication Manager release
  • On page 6 of the station form, the identified station must have the "Type of 3PCC Enabled" field set to "Avaya." By default in some Communication Manager releases the setting is "none."
  • "Avaya Environment" must be set to "Auto". This setting is accessed through the telephone using the craft configuration interface (mute-c-r-a-f-t-#), accessing the SIP settings, and then SIP Global Settings, and then "Avaya Environment."
  • The T-LINK (cti-link) must be provisioned as a ADJ-IP link.
  • 'ASAI Link Core Capabilities' must be enabled on the 'display system-parameters customer-options' SAT form.
  • On the trunk group form for the trunk group that is sending the call to the SIP station, the "Numbering Format:" on page 3 must be set to local.
  • The station must use a TLS signaling link between the station and System Manager.
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