Recording Rules

Recording rules are available for VRTX and Shoretel users. A recording rule allows you to specify which calls will or will not be recorded. With Rules you can specify which groups, agents, or even what events will be recorded. 


Access the recording rules window from the Recording Library settings page. 

Clicking on the  button will bring up the recording rules window. The most common tasks from this window are to add new recording rules, and to remove or edit existing rules. 

When creating a new rule or editing an existing rule you will have the same options available to you. The left pane of the window will show what types of rules you can make; Inbound Number Dialed, External Number, Agent, Group, Advanced Call Event, and Advanced Call (to this point). 

When you select a recording rule template you then will be able to specify filters for which calls are recorded. For example, to set up a recording rule that will record all talking events start with the Advanced call event template. choose how often you want this rule to record (you can create a rule that will state to never record events with this criteria), and give it an appropriate name. The filter options include Event Type, we will select "talking" from the list and click "OK" to save the rule. 

If you want to edit rules you made previously select the rule and click "Edit". 

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