How do I assign Agent Realtime Licenses?

In order to monitor an agent with any of Realtime's features, you will need to assign a Realtime agent seat license to them. Talk to your Xima reseller about purchasing seat licenses.

Once you have purchased seat licenses, open Chronicall's System Settings and click the Agent Realtime Seat button.

Click the "..." button in the Enabled Agents field. This will open a list of your agents. Check the boxes next to the agents you would like to monitor, then press OK and Save

In Chronicall 3.6 and newer, you will be prompted to restart your browser after clicking Save so that your Chronicall client will be updated with the new settings.

In Chronicall 3.4, you will need to click the link called Called Refresh Users and Groups from the Chronicall Menu page after saving the license assignments.

Realtime agent seat licenses can be reassigned at any time and split among any number of sites covered by the main Chronicall license.
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