911 Calls

Report for showing when an agent dials outbound to 911 or 9911.  

Includes - 

Call:  Call ID that corresponds to the calls within the database.

Calling Agent: Shows the first agent who dialed on an internal, outbound, or intersite call. This is the agent who initiated the call.

External Party: Shows the phone number of the external party associated with the given phone call.

  • For inbound calls, this is the number of the calling party.
  • For outbound calls, this is the dialed party number.
  • For internal calls, this field is blank.

Start Time: Shows the date and time that the given call started.

End Time: Shows the date and time that the given call ended.

Call Duration: Shows the entire amount of time between when the call started and ended. This is how long the call lasted.

IP Office Note - When an agent dials 911 and hangs up shortly after dialing, the IP Office ends the call prior to switching the call from internal to external.  For calls to show up in this report the agent must stay on the phone long enough for the IP Office to change the direction of the call to outbound.

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