Agent Calls

A list of every phone call for the selected Agents.


Call: Call ID that corresponds to the calls within the database.

Call Direction: Shows whether the given call was an inbound, outbound, or internal call.

External Party: Shows the phone number of the external party associated with the given phone call.

  • For inbound calls, this is the number of the calling party.
  • For outbound calls, this is the dialed party number.
  • For internal calls, this field is blank.

U.S. City, State: Shows the name of the city and state/province/country from which the external party is calling or receiving the call. 

Please note:
  • This is determined based on the central office code associated with the first six digits of a standard ten-digit number. Despite its name, this column can show data from any country that uses the ten-digit standard. 
  • For internal calls, this field will be blank.

Talking Duration: Shows the total duration of all Talking events in the given call.

Start Time: Shows the date and time that the given call started. (Format 21 Apr 2011 17:13:37)

Call Duration: Shows the entire amount of time between when the call started and ended. This is how long the call lasted.

Answered: Shows a check-mark if the given call was answered; shows blank if the call was not answered.

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