Alerts and Triggers

New in Chronicall 3.6 and above are Alerts and Triggers. Access these in the Administration section when signed in with an account that has administrator privileges. 

Chronicall's alerts sends notifications through the Desktop application as well as through email. For instructions on installing Chronicall Desktop, click here.

There are three types of triggers, Standard, Custom Daily, and Realtime.


Standard Triggers

All of these triggers have stock alert messages that will come through email or Desktop notification. The Desktop alerts will pop up in the lower right corner of your screen if you are logged into the Desktop application. Separate multiple email addresses with commas.

Disk Space threshold 10GB


Custom Daily Triggers


The Custom Daily Trigger runs once a day on the days of week you select and sends a notification if the set threshold has been reached. It's value is created just like a column in a custom report, and you must have the Custom Reports module in order to have access to the Custom Daily Trigger section.

The subject and body of the email and the body of the Desktop message are configurable. You can insert text, images, even GIFs into the text editor as part of your message.


Realtime Triggers

Realtime Triggers require the Realtime Module and any agent selected in the value must be assigned a Realtime license in order for the trigger to function. Unlike the Custom Daily Triggers these are actively checked throughout the day and will send the notification as soon as the threshold has been reached.

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