Offline Setup

Chronicall can be installed on a machine that does not connect to the internet. This type of install still requires an Internet connection on a separate computer.  Follow the directions below.
Windows Offline Setup
  1. Download the PC Info Extractor Tool from
  2. Transfer the Chronicall Setup file and the Extractor Tool to the offline Chronicall server.
  3. Run the Extractor Tool. This will create a file named chronicall_infohash.bin.
  4. Move chronicall_infohash.bin off of the Chronicall server and use the Submit a Ticket at the top of the page and attach the file to that ticket.
  5. Xima Support will respond with a license file.
  6. Copy this file onto the offline Chronicall server and save it in an easily accessible location.
  7. Run Chronicall Setup. During setup, the installer will request the license file.

Linux Offline Setup

  1. Download the extractor jar and script using the links below:
    Extractor Script 
    Extractor Jar
  2. Change the permissions on file to make it executable by using:
    chmod +x
  3. Launch the script using:
  4. Use the Submit a Ticket above to send the resulting chronicall_infohash.bin to Xima Support and we'll send the license file back.
  5. When running the Chronicall installation you will need to add the -license parameter to the command pointing at the license file sent by Xima Support.


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