Emergency Notifications

Being logged into Chronicall Desktop enables Chronicall to notify certain users with a pop-up window whenever an emergency number is dialed by any user. This allows managers and others to be quickly notified of a potential emergency.
To enable emergency notifications, open Chronicall's system settings. Under Basic Settings, open Emergency Numbers to define which numbers will trigger the notification. Remember to include all possible variations; for example, if your emergency number is 911 and your phone system requires that you dial '9' to place an outbound call, include both '911' and '9911' as emergency numbers.
Next, you can specify where the Users are located at in the Emergency Locations. The details here will popup on the notification to help you respond sooner.
Lastly, open Alerts and Triggers from the Chronicall Menu page. Under Standard Triggers open Emergency Call. Here you will be able to select which Desktop users will receive the emergency pop up. You can also identify email addresses to receive the emergency notification. Multiple emails need to be separated by commas.
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