Enable Recording within Voicemail Pro

Configuring Call Recording (IPO)
Once Recording Library is set up, you will need to tell Voicemail Pro to begin recording calls. To do so, use Avaya's IP Office Manager program to open your IP Office's configuration file.
Calls can be recorded at the user, hunt group, incoming call route, or account code level. Select an option in the far left column. Then select the user, hunt group, call route, or account code you would like to record. This will open an information window. Click on the Voice Recording tab. Choose to record inbound and/or outbound calls and the percentage of those calls to record. Onmeans that all calls will be recorded. Select Voice Recording Library from the Recording (Auto) and/or Recording (Manual) drop-down menus. Finally, press OK, Save, and Merge to finalize your changes.
For more information on Manager and Voicemail Pro, please refer to Avaya's support documentation.
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