Stopping and Starting Chronicall Services

While updating Java on the Chronicall server or moving Chronicall to a new server, you will be required to stop and restart the Chronicall, Chronicall Database, and/or Chronicall Recording Library services. Restarting the Chronicall service alone can also solve many simple errors.
Open the Start menu and type services.msc into the search bar. A listing for Services should appear at the top of the list. Click on it to open a Services window. Search through the list to find the services named Chronicall, Chronicall Database, or Chronicall Recording Library. Right-click on one and choose Start or Stop to change its status. 
If you need to start, stop, or restart the Chronicall services, use the following commands (each service may require root permissions).
service chronicall start
service chronicall stop
service chronicall restart
Chronicall Database 
service chronicall_database start
service chronicall_database stop
service chronicall_database restart
Chronicall Recording Library
service recording_library start
service recording_library stop
service recording_library restart
Orient Database
service chronicall_cdr_database start
service chronicall_cdr_database stop
service chronicall_cdr_database restart
It is not usually necessary to restart the Chronicall Database or Chronicall Recording Library services unless you are moving Chronicall to a new server. For more information, see Moving Chronicall to a New Server.
While the Chronicall service is stopped, it will not record calls, so we suggest performing Java updates and changing servers during low call volume hours. Be sure to restart each service when you are finished.
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