Resetting Your Password

Passwords stored in Chronicall cannot be directly recovered, but they can be changed. If you have normal user access privileges, ask a manager or administrator to help you change your password. This can be done by going into the User Accounts page from the Chronicall Homepage while logged in as a manager or administrator. 
If you are an administrator and have forgotten your password, you will need to log in to the Chronicall web client from the server where Chronicall is installed with the username recover and password recover as long as the address bar of the web browser reads as http://localhost:9080/. (If you specified a different web server port while installing Chronicall, replace 9080 with that port.)
Once you log in, go to the User Accounts page and change the password for Administrator or any other user. Again, this will only work from the Chronicall server, ensuring that only users who are able to log in to the Chronicall server can reset administrator passwords. This feature is included in all versions of Chronicall from 3.0(11) and up.
By default the Administrator user's password is: password
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