Backup and Restore

You can backup Chronicall's call history database to the Chronicall server's hard disk which can then be copied to a network drive. To access this feature, click on Backup/Restore in the Administration section of the Chronicall Homepage. 

Selecting Execute Data-Only Backup (Most Common) will create a .zip file containing individual database table contents. Do not open or modify these files. The status bar in the bottom of the screen will tell you when the backup process is finished. 
Selecting Execute Database Schema and Data Backup will create an .sql database file in the location you specify. 
Restore From Backup will allow you to import a previously created backup file. The Restore window will detect whether you have selected a full Schema backup .SQL or a Data Only backup .ZIP
In addition, you can schedule backups to save automatically. After clicking Schedule Data-Only Backups, a second box appears, allowing you to specify the date, time, and interval at which to backup the database. We recommend that you also limit the total file size or number of your backups to save file storage space. When Chronicall creates a new backup that exceeds one of these limits, it will delete the oldest backup.
Import SMDR you can import SMDR records from a file into Chronicall with this link.
To check the status of your scheduled backups, click the Show Status link. A frame will appear at the bottom of the screen showing your total backup count, the total file size of all backups, and the date and time of the last successful backup.
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