I can't find my call recordings.

I can't find my call recordings.
Recording a call and making it appear in Cradle to Grave is a collaborative effort between IP Office's Voicemail Pro and Chronicall's Recording Library. If you believe you are recording calls and they are not appearing in Cradle to Grave, please check the following:
Is Voicemail Pro configured to record the desired calls correctly?
See Recording Library and Avaya's support documentation for more information.
Do you have enough Voicemail Pro ports to handle the recordings?
Is another type of call cataloging software running on the Chronicall server at the same time?
If another software moves or alters the recordings before Recording Library can access them, Recording Library will be unable to locate them. Remove the other programs or configure them to leave a copy of the recordings behind.
Was Recording Library unable to process a corrupted file?
Check Recording Library's temporary directory (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Xima Software\Chonicall\recording library\limbo). This folder contains new recordings that have not yet been processed, but it also contains older files Chronicall was unable to process.
Was Chronicall unable to match the recording to a call?
Some recordings do not contain enough data for Chronicall to match them to the appropriate call. These recordings will appear by themselves in the Cradle to Grave list. By listening to and manually comparing these calls with the call data in Cradle to Grave, you may find a match Chronicall overlooked.
Is the Chronicall Recording Library Service running?
For more information on checking services, see Stopping and Starting Chronicall Services.
Is Recording Library configured correctly?
Check the Recording Library settings in System Settings and make sure that everything has been entered correctly.
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