Run and Edit Reports

Running a Report
When you open the Run Reports tab, you will see a list of your Available Reports on the left side of the screen and a preview window on the right side. Before you click on a report in the list on the left, the preview window shows you the reports you run the most. Click on one of the previews to quickly access the report again.
You can search through the list of reports by typing your criteria into the Search bar. Once you have created and applied tags to your reports, you can also filter the list by tag. To create a new tag, right-click on a report, expand the Tags menu, and select New Tag. Enter the new tag's name, then press OK. The tag will appear in the Filter by Tag section.
When you select a report, a small box will appear in the bottom right corner. This box contains report parameters and other options that allow you to specify the details of a report before you run it. This includes the report timeframe, an option to include charts, and the report skin you would like to use. Click on the  button to the right of these fields to choose your options. 
In the Timeframe window, clicking on a date will highlight it. Click on another date to highlight all dates in between. You can switch the month and year by choosing values from the drop-down menus at the top of the window or clicking the arrow buttons to the left and right. You can select data from as far back as the day you installed Chronicall. The Advanced button in the bottom left corner will open an Advanced Calendar Properties window, allowing you to specify your timeframe in even greater detail. The Report Start Time and Report End Time allow you to start and end the report at a certain time on the first and last day of the timeframe. Creating a shift or changing the Days of Week and Time of Day options will let you choose the start and end time of each day or exclude certain days from your report altogether. Press OK when you have chosen your timeframe.
You can choose from many columns to represent as charts when you run your report. The available values will appear in the left half of the chart selection window, while the right half shows a preview of your charts. Each value can be displayed as a line, pie, or bar chart. If you select multiple charts, you can rearrange and resize them in the preview window by clicking and dragging them to the desired destination. Press OK when you have chosen and arranged your charts.
When customizing the report skin, the left side of the window shows you a preview of your report, while the right side contains the available color, font, and image options. To save your custom skin for future reports, select Save As in the bottom left corner and choose a name for the skin. You can also import or export custom skins as .xrs files with the Import / Exportbutton.
There may be other parameters to choose depending on which report you are running. Agent reports will often ask you to specify which agents to include, for example.
Finally, you can run your report in .pdf, .csv, .xls, .odt, or .html format. Choose your preferred format from the drop-down list, then click Run Report. The report will appear in a new window or open itself in Excel or Open Office.
Editing a Report
The Custom Reports module unlocks the ability to edit any of your Standard Reports. To edit a report, right-click on its name in the Available Reports list and select Edit Report. Editing a report works the same way as creating a new report, except all of the report options and criteria have already been set. Editing a Standard Report may help you learn to create your own Custom Reports in the future. To learn more about creating a Custom Report, see Custom Reports.
We recommend that you create a new copy of a Standard Report before making any changes to it. 
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