Why don't call count totals in the column match the summary?

Many of Chronicall's reports contain columns that list total numbers of calls. These reports also have summaries that show data for all of the agents, hunt groups, time frames, and so on listed in the rows. It is important to note that a total sum of the values in one of these call count columns will not always equal the matching report summary at the top of the page. This happens because more than one agent or hunt group was involved in a single call due to transfers, missed calls, and other events. Because each of the agents or hunt groups were part of the call to some degree, each will be credited with the call. However, a general report summary does not include this call twice because even though two different agents or hunt groups were part of the call, it was only a single call in the database.

For example, the image below shows Call 42075 in Cradle to Grave. This call was transferred from Jared Baker to Monica Mcdonald. 
An Agent Inbound Calls report lists this call once in each agent's section. The summaries in this report only apply to the agent sections, so each shows a Total Calls summary value of 1.
However, an Agent Inbound Summary report shows a Total Calls value of 1 in the report summary, even though the sum of the Total Calls column is 2.
This same principle applies to many columns and their matching summaries. Please note that this is not a bug; these reports are simply gathering call data in a more accurate way.
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