Report Skins

Chronicall's Custom Reports module allows you to use your company colors and logo to customize the appearance of your reports. To create a custom report skin, click the  button next to the Report Skin parameter as you run or create a report.
Most of the report skin options simply involve changing the colors of the report. Click on the  button next to a color field to choose a new color. You can choose from one of the preset color swatches or switch to the HSV, HSL, RGB, or CMYK tabs to further refine your color. The RGB tab also includes an HTML color code field that allows you to paste in a specific hexadecimal color code.
The font options allow you to choose any of your system fonts, as well as the font size and style, such as bold or italic. You can also choose the color of each font with the same color chooser window used by the other color options.
With the Header Image and Logo Image options, you can upload a header and logo image to display at the top of each page of your report. These images do not need to have any specific dimensions, but the header should be a long, rectangular image. Once you've chosen a header, you can stretch or shrink the image with the Header Height option. Raise the Header Padding to create more space between the header image and the report contents. Your logo image can be moved using the Logo X and Logo Y options, and resized with the Logo Scaleoption.
Once your report skin in finished, press Save As in the bottom left corner to choose a name for it. This skin can then be applied to any report by choosing it from the drop-down Report Skinlist in the report parameters box.
Importing and Exporting Skins
You can also export the skin to an .xrs (Xima Report Skin) file or import a previously saved skin using the Import/Export button. Selecting a previously created file will import the skin, while specifying a new name will save the current skin with that file name.
After importing a skin, be sure to save it. Simply importing a skin will apply it to the current report, but it won't save the skin for future use in other reports.
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