My queue widgets are not working

In Chronicall, a Queue event is only created when a call actually goes into a hunt group's queue; calls that are currently ringing or going through an auto attendant do not count as queued calls. If your hunt groups use collective call waiting or your auto attendant functions as a queue, callers will not actually be placed into a queue, and this means widgets that count queued calls will not include those calls.
To know exactly how your phone system is handling incoming calls, check Cradle to Grave for sample calls or make a few test calls. If you do not see Queue events, then the phone system is not telling Chronicall that calls are going into queues, and you will likely see Ringing or Auto Attendant events instead. From there, you can modify your widget to count the appropriate Ringing or Auto Attendant events instead.
If Queue events do appear in your test calls, your widget's time frame may not be set up correctly. If you want the widget to count currently queued calls, make sure the time frame is set toNow. If you want a cumulative total since a certain time, select Since.
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