Cradle to Grave

In the new Cradle to Grave for Chronicall version 3.6 you can filter calls before pulling the data which means you are only pulling the data from the database that you want to see.
Similar to how Cradle to Grave worked prior to 3.6 you must first define the time frame of the call information that you would like to see.
If you are looking for specific hours use the Advanced Button.
You could now run Cradle to Grave by clicking Execute at the bottom, or you can start selecting the filters.
Once you have all of the desired filters selected click Execute to query the results.
Cradle to Grave Filters
The example above would only pull the Inbound calls to the Sales hunt group.
You can also use the Advanced filters to search for more specific call flows.
Many of the advanced fields are actually very simple self-explanatory. Several of them, however, require some specific criteria. Examples include Calling Party Number, Dialed Party Number, or Event Sequence Matches. For instructions on using these types of fields visit our Advanced Criteria Editor page.
Once all of the desired filters are in place click Execute to query for calls matching the filters

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